No Java Support.

This is a VERY rough WIP showing some of the new things, Keyboard input, Mouse Input, Timing, lighting & collision detect & response. I wanted something that was not just another "model viewer".

The timing shows an FPS "capped" at 60 FPS. All movement is time based regardless of framerate.
The lighting just shows what you can do with an otherwise white model (notice the collision face data colour) which is now bathed in two Directional lights. This is best seen in Solid Fill mode (Press W).
The Collision detection means you can now go off and "Live" inside the model. *You* are an ellipsoid much higher than wide, so are a fair way off the ground.

The controls are awful and basic but you can use:
Notice how you can walk up the "verges" and slide along the walls. Apologies for the controls again - its very WIP!