Game: Hot Shot - Red Door Invaders from the Planet Zarg.

No Java Support.

The Story

It is the year 2075 and mankind has finally come to explore the deepest of the trenches of the abyssal plains of the worlds oceans. What they found was disturbing.

110 miles off the west coast of South America in the icey depths of the deep sea Peru-Chile Trench, scientists had uncovered, a lost alien species, which they had dubbed the "Red Door", so called because they looked exactly like a red door.

Laying dormant, embedded in the sea bed, these alient life forms, the like of which would strike terror into even the most hardened of Marines, had crash landed on the earth while exploring this region of space billions of years ago.

The alient creatures had been left in a state of suspended animation, locked away in the icey depths of the ocean almost since time began, and now they had been woken by mankind. And they wanted Revenge!

You, as the #1 Marine in the US Navy, have been given a weedy pistol and have orders to enter their lair to wipe them out. All of them!

Be careful though, the pesky blighters spin around and are quite thin so its easy to miss them if you don't time your shot correctly. You can get bonuses if you manage to "Keepie-up" the aliens by shooting them repeatedly as they are in their death throws in mid air :-)

Try to get as many as you can to once again bring freedom to the galaxy blah blah blah....

Action Key
Movement: Cursor keys
Fire Space Bar
Toggle Render Mode W