Victory Road Player Guide



Desperate to get your hands on Mr Puffy?
Can't find your way to Margate?
Having trouble with that Razor Ring?
Octopussy not your all time high?
SkidMark's causing an embarrassment?

Look no further - here's some tips for getting the most out of Victory-Road

The Game Rules:

  1. To advance to the next track you need to get a top 3 position.
  2. To win the next car you need to get 1st place
  3. Win the top cars to get the top times & merge your times with everyone else to see who's really the champion!

General Driving Tips "Do's and Don'ts":

DO: Start off at a steady pace and brake for the bends. Speed up your lap times once you get more confident about getting round without crashing. It's no good ramming onto the walls at full tilt and not learning for the next lap/race!

DO: Practice. I'd recommend at least a couple of evenings a week for 18 months or so.

DO: Powerslide around the bends. Get the front of your car in to the bend early and let the car slide round.

DO: Try to choose a car to suit the track (if you've earned some)

DO: Get speed boosts by clipping off the front of cars as you go past.

DO: Watch out for cars ramming you into walls - They may not slow for the bend as much as you.

DO: Watch for patterns in the way the other cars take the tracks. If they take the inside, you take the outside. Remember this for next time so you know how to get past them easier.

DO: Learn from your mistakes. A crash will scupper your time so start slowly and build up.

DO: If you get in front of someone, block your opponents as they try to pass. This will help by keeping them behind AND will give you a speed boost. Watch out approaching bends though as you don't want a shove into the barrier.

DO: Adjust the display settings so that the game runs well on your machine. It should run at 33 Frames per second and appear & feel smooth and fluid. If it's running a little choppy, select "Options" from the title screen. Use the direction pad to select each option and press "Enter" to select your choice. To confirm your selection be sure and choose "OK" and not "Cancel" when you're done.

Tip: Select "Half Cars", A "View distance" of 5, "No Sun", "No Sky", "Screen Resolution" of 640 X 480 (or lower) in full screen mode for maximum performance on slower systems. Also you might try altering your monitor refresh rate (Start->Control Panel->Settings->Display->Advanced) as the game may just be syncing badly with your screen. System performance is always an issue with 3D games but I've seen Victory Road running nicely with Half cars and a View Distance of 1 on a PIII600 with Xpert99 graphics card. At the same time all the performance boosts had to be used on a PIII1000 system to get it to run even reasonably.

DON'T: Crash! Sounds obvious but the pressure will be on as you're running in 1st place on the last lap...this IS less of an issue with the faster cars/More experienced driver.

DON'T: Start off with the Front-Of-Bonnet CAM. Have a look on the long straights but your chin will get grazed and it'll take longer to get an idea of track layout.

DON'T: Merge your scores with the server until you have some good times up as people will tend to laugh and point at you in the street.


A Rough guide to the cars:

Hornet - Dubbed "the Boat" by some, The Hornet "High-Class" comes at you straight from the arcades. This is a good all rounder that will see you well throught the whole game if you wish. A Jack-of-all-trades this one.

DarkMATTER - Nice textures! Has better handling than Hornet so if you can get 1st place at Florida Raceway this will be well suited for Margate.

Scrote - Better handling but a tad slower on performance

Octopussy - A car for the ladies, nippy round town and excellent for parking but is lacking in brute force on those longer straights. Makes those bendy tracks easy to get round without crashes taking up valuable time.

Mr Puffy - Packing more power under the hood, a very good all rounder and a step up from the Hornet. By the time you win this you'll be used to driving in VR so you won't mind the slight handling loss.

General Flea - YeeHaww - those crazy Duke boys...ahem. This is packing more serious horsepower but again comes at the price of handling. As you get to know the courses and can anticipate the corners, these faster cars will come into their own.

All Fired Up - Now we're getting somewhere. VERY colourful. This car has a great top end. More experienced drivers only though.

Razor Ring - Reaching the upper limits now. Superb car for the oval but not really suited to some of the harsher corners (like the hairpin in Margate!)

SkidMark - Oval Only really. A real speed beast.

Dirty Devil - You really only want to get this out the garage for a speed blast at Daytona (Ahem, I mean Florida Raceway). You'll burn up the track on the straights but will need to use the blocking technique (see above) to keep the pack at bay on the bends.


The Courses

Florida Raceway:


Take the outside line on the first set of corners until the Time Bonus. Use "B" on the keyboard or "C" on the keypad to play the slots - try to get 777 & you'll get an extra time bonus!

Get to the outside lane for the end of the Straight-away and brake early for the "Sonic Bend".

Try to swing the car in so that the nose just misses the inside barrier and accelerate immediately to get a great lap time.




Overtake as many cars as you can leading into the first canyon. Try to get some road room before the nasty corner right in the middle and be sure and keep to the left as you approach it.

If you find yourself out of shape and in the right hand lane then SLOW DOWN for this bend otherwise you can take it a full throttle.

Again approach the bridge from the left lane to give yourself as much time as possible to make the turn.

At the end of the bridge is a gentle right that leads into another nasty entrance to the Sphinx Tunnel. Newbies should apply some braking on the approach as it's easy to crash here.

Full throttle through the tunnel and the Time Gate and swing to the inside if you need to overtake (the opponents tend to take this corner at a steady pace so go for it!). Wave to my nan at the window of the flats but don't take your eye off the next bend leading to the Seafront. It *can* be taken a full throttle with most cars but only if you get over to the right on the approach and begin your turn early.

Assuming you escaped sun blindness on this short straight (past Dreamland) you'll need to brake early for the next 2 bends. Get over to the left on your approach and accelerate into each one.

Open her up going down the back straight towards the hairpin. brake hard as you reach the "U" signpost and swing hard right. Get back on the accelerator to get to the next time gate.

As soon as you hit the time gate brake slightly and swing in towards the rocks to the right. aim to just avoid the protruding one and overtake whatever was in front before you get to the tight left - hander. Slow right down for this one and try to get Left on your exit.

Slow again for the 2nd last bend but accelerate around it and keep your foot to the floor round the next (gentler) one and back to the start.


Bay Beach


Overtake as many cars as you can on the first straight. Move right as you approach the 1st bend and brake if required (almost certainly for most cars). Get left and ease off the accelerator - most of the cars don't need to brake for the next bit.

As you start to turn right towards the Railway Bridge apply the accelerator again to slide past the rocks to the right and then turn immediately left under the bridge.

Get on the pavement on the right as you go past the shops (just run over anyone who happens to be standing there!) and get as close (without hitting the last shops) to the left as you can as you exit the town and head towards the beach. There is a gentle(ish) right on the beach road that you may need to ease off the accelerator for to avoid slamming into the opposite wall.

Full throttle past the beach - don't be afraid to go wide & run people over if there is traffic to the left. Keep speeding until you approach the canyon (with the lighthouse on top of the cliff) where you want to be wide left. Ease off the accelerator (expert) or brake on your approach as it's quite tight and swing round right sharply.

Get right again at once and ease off/brake before swinging left into the straight-away leading up to the 1st tunnel.

Full throttle past the Time Gate and overtake any opponents on the right here as you enter the tunnel.

Once in the tunnel if you are jostling for position then best let them go first as the R/H bend in the middle of the tunnel is to be taken at full speed but you need all the road to do it. Again keep left on your approach.

As you exit the tunnel, overtake on the right (the inside) and keep right until you swing left towards the suspension bridge.

Full power over the bridge getting good clips off other cars for a speed boost if you can.

Get left and ease off the accelerator (expert) or brake before swinging into the Right hander towards the tunnel.

The tunnel is tricky - you can take the first part it at full power if you have the right line but brake early before the twist at the end. Once you've killed some speed you can sharply right/left then right again with the accelerator down as you get back to the home straight & complete the lap.



Given up already? Email me if you really want to cheat to see the next tracks.

Press the "W" key while playing to get the chance to switch to "wireframe" mode.

Press the "q" Key while mid-crash - and you go into what I'll call "screenshot" mode. You can then move the camera around with the cursors & also ZOOM in and out using the "o" and "p" keys :-D Careful tho as extreme camera zooms can crash the program ;)