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-----Victory Road------

Arcade Style Racing Game

---by Rob Watson---

System Requirements:
- Windows 98/Me/00/XP or better operating system
- DirectX 7 or higher
- 64 MB RAM or more
- 32 MB 3D accelerated video card
- 200MB Hard Drive Space (80 MB required for game)
- 600 MHz PIII processor minimum (1000+ recommended)
- Joystick or other game controller recommended (Digital control)
- Internet service required for Score Merge feature.

Note on 3D video cards:
A 32 MB 3D video accelerator with support for hardware T&L is strongly recommended as a minimum for gameplay.
The current installer is of the MSI type. You may need to update the Windows installer on your system.
Click to get an installer update for Windows 2000, XP and for Windows98, ME 

If installing from CD then the autorun feature should start and you should just follow the on screen instructions.

Otherwise click the link below and choose "Open from this location" & follow on-screen instructions or "Save to disk". If saving to disk locate the downloaded file and double click to begin installation.


DOWNLOAD PATCH for existing players (717k). NOTE - if you've downloaded the above full game and just installed it then you DO NOT need this patch as it's included in the above :)

This patch and the full game above enable the following enhancements over the original release of Victory Road:

  • Modes of play. Easy/Medium/Hard.
  • Definable Play Keys
  • Support for online scoreboard.
  • Simplified Menu Access
  • Support for higher resolution screens
  • Extra in-game spot sound effects
  • Graphical improvement of the Sky effect 

Game Controls:
  Options Menus:
    Keyboard & digital gamepad support is included (recommended):
    Cursor keys select items.
    Returnkey to confirm section

In Game controls
Keyboard (Default) Gamepad Function
Definable (Cursors) Direction pad Steering
Definable (Spacebar) B Accelerator
Definable (DownKey) A Brake
Definable (B) C Fruit Machine
Definable (V) N/A Toggle View
ReturnKey D Pause Menu/Abort Race

Game Options:

Every effort has been made to allow "Victory Road" to run well on your PC.
Using the following options can help optimise the way the game displays on your machine.

Full Cars/ Half Cars
You can select to only race half the competitive field to speed up a lagging framerate.

Show Sky/ Hide Sky
Toggle the sky background on and off.

Show Sun / Hide Sun
Toggle the sun effect on and off
Camera Distance
choose a higher number to DECREASE the draw distance of your virtual camera.
The recommended range is 0 - 5.

Screen Resolution
Changing the screen resolution can have a dramatic effect on video card performance.
The default setting is 800X600

Full Screen / Windowed
Full screen mode is the default but you may change to a windowed display.
The game will automatically adopt the colour depth of your desktop although it is designed
to run in 16BIT colour.

Other Options:

Merge Scores With Server
If your machine is not setup to connect to the internet "when needed" then you should
make sure you are connected before choosing this option and that your firewall configuration
allows network traffic on port 21. Use of this option will now automatically include your high scores in the on-line round up (not available as yet).

Keyboard Map
Define the keys you wish to play with in-game

Choose from Easy, Medium or Hard. After changing this setting you will be asked if you wish to re-lock any tracks/cars you may have previously won. this is to enable you to Complete the game in all game settings if you so wish.

Note: In keeping with the arcade style of the game, there is no EXIT option.
Simply press your ESC key to end you game session.